Hire senior developers at a junior rate

060 connects you with the best professionals in the Brazilian market

Delivery Team

We quickly assemble a result-obsessed autonomous engineering team, regardless of size or role complexity. That Delivery Team will seamlessly integrate with your in-house team and jump-start your tech projects, providing value and sophisticated tech solutions from day one

Outsource your IT to us

Allocation of quality professionals. We guarantee performance!

Specialized Hunting

We are specialists in finding IT professionals. Say what you need and we find you your team.

Great cost x benefit

With the current exchange rates, the amount you would invest to hire an European junior developer is more than enough to hire a senior professional in Brazil.

Start your project with the Specialist Team

Accelerate your digital transformation

It is increasingly difficult for a company that is not in the digital environment to exist these days. If you don’t have a tech project in place yet, you should certainly be looking to implement one. And as a technology company, we know how difficult it has been to find quality labor that fits your budget.
If you are an entrepreneur and you have a project in mind, but you do not have the technical knowledge to put it into practice nor a large amount to invest. We can help you!


Get your project off the paper

If you have projects in the IT area and don’t have the necessary knowledge to build an agile team to get these ideas off the paper, count on us to find high quality professionals at a competitive price. Our selectors are extremely focused on the level of knowledge and on defining the professional profile.

Specialized Hunting

We are specialized in hiring technology professionals for their knowhow

Talent Base

We have a large talent base and we follow their development through digital channels

People Analytics

We select professionals based on People Analytics (we monitor talent with public and available data)


Modern and easy modern onboarding process

Human Resources

We do not have the bureaucratic human resources processes, feedback type and talent bank


We have experience to do whis at a fast time.

060 led the technology team at MusicPlayce on the first year of its main product. We worked with agile management, technical leadership and software development. We were also responsible for strategic decisions and for hiring the engineering team.

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